MV Debate is known for having each of our alumni attend extremely reputed universities. Read about how their experiences and lessons learned from MV Debate impacted the Class of 2020 as they made their college decisions.

Rukmini Banerjee

Claremont McKenna College 2024

My high school experience was defined by competing in debate. Debate really allowed me to hone my skills of articulation, argumentation, and analysis. No matter what activity I was engaging in – whether it was working with nonprofits, tutoring children, or writing an academic paper to be published, the skills I learned in debate where what allowed me to succeed in all of those ventures. During my college search, it was debate that informed a lot of my choices regarding what I wanted my college experience to be like. I realized how much I valued productive discourse and a market place of ideas to partake in, and as I begin my next four years at Claremont McKenna College, I know I never would have gotten here without debate.

Jason Fu

Before entering highschool, I would never have imagined myself joining debate. However, my lack of experience and shy demeanor did not hold me back, as I still learned a lot from the club and had invaluable experiences. My years in debate helped me to not only learn the rules and style of debate, but also taught me how to articulate myself and enabled me to explore numerous worldly topics and issues. I will carry my experiences and knowledge from debate for the rest of my life.

Rishabh Ranjan

University of Michigan 2024

Debate remains one of the most impactful activities I’ve ever done – it has pushed me to be a better listener, researcher, and person as a whole. Even after competing and teaching for over seven years, it continues to surprise me with new perspectives and ideas, forcing me to consider another side. And the incredibly supportive, dedicated community makes the club feel almost like a second family. It is an experience I will value forever, and look forward to pursuing in college.

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